Mosquito-borne arboviruses of African origin: review of key viruses and vectors

Leo Braack, A Paulo Gouveia de Almeida, Anthony J Cornel, Robert Swanepoel, Christiaan de Jager

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Key aspects of 36 mosquito-borne arboviruses indigenous to Africa are summarized, including lesser or poorly-known viruses which, like Zika, may have the potential to escape current sylvatic cycling to achieve greater geographical distribution and medical importance. Major vectors are indicated as well as reservoir hosts, where known. A series of current and future risk factors is addressed. It is apparent that Africa has been the source of most of the major mosquito-borne viruses of medical importance that currently constitute serious global public health threats, but that there are several other viruses with potential for international challenge. The conclusion reached is that increased human population growth in decades ahead coupled with increased international travel and trade is likely to sustain and increase the threat of further geographical spread of current and new arboviral disease.

Original languageEnglish
Article number29
Pages (from-to)29-55
Number of pages26
JournalParasites & Vectors
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 9 Jan 2018


  • Africa
  • Mosquito-borne arboviruses
  • Vector mosquitoes
  • Zoonoses
  • Global health threats


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