Modeling Adsorption Processes of Poly-p-phenylenevinylene Precursor and Sodium Acid Dodecylbenzenesulfonate onto Layer-by-Layer Films Using a Langmuir-type Metastable Equilibrium Model

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The adsorption kinetics curves of poly(xylylidene tetrahydrothiophenium chloride) (PTHT), a poly-p-phenylenevinylene (PPV) precursor, and the sodium salt of dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid (DBS), onto (PTHT/DBS)(n) layer-by-layer (LBL) films were characterized by means of UV-vis spectroscopy. The amount of PTHT/DBS and PTHT adsorbed on each layer was shown to be practically independent of adsorption time. A Langmuir-type metastable equilibrium model was used to adjust the adsorption isotherms data and to estimate adsorption/desorption coefficients ratios, k = k(ads)/k(des), values of 2 x 10(5) and 4 x 10(6) for PTHT and PTHT/DBS layers, respectively. The desorption coefficient has been estimated, using literature values for poly(o-methoxyaniline) desorption coefficient, as was found to be in the range of 10(-9) to 10(-6) s(-1), indicating that quasi equilibrium is rapidly attained.
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