Translated title of the contribution: Microvascularisation of the ovaries and uterine tubes

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This report includes the results of a study of arterial vascularisation in 48 human and 8 rabbit ovaries during ovulation. The human ovaries were classified into 4 types, as described by Mocquot and Rouvillois. Type I was present in 63.04% of subjects, type II cases being divided into type IIA, which includes three variations (6.52, 8.69, and 13.04% respectively), and type IIB (4.34%). No cases of type III were observed, type IV being present in 4.34% of the series. Microvascularisation of the different ovarian organites was studied, including primordial follicles, three types of follicles in the development stage, and mature graafian follicles. Microvascularisation during the different stages of atretic follicle development was also assessed, as well as that in menstrual corpora lutea in human ovaries and pregnancy corpora lutea in rabbit ovaries, during the various involutional stages of the corpus albicans, and in the ovarian cortex and medulla. Arterial vascularisation of the uterine tube from the internal, middle, and external tubal arteries was also studied, as well as the microvascularisation in the serous, muscle, and mucous layers of the tubal wall. The data obtained demonstrate the value of knowledge of the arterial vascularisation of the ovary and uterine tube within the framework of conservative surgery on these organs, and its application to microsurgical repair procedures on the uterine tube.

Translated title of the contributionMicrovascularisation of the ovaries and uterine tubes
Original languageFrench
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Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1980

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