Mental Health Patient-Reported Outcomes and Experiences Assessment in Portugal

Anabela Coelho, Katherine de Bienassis, Niek Klazinga, Susan Santo, Patrícia Frade, Andreia Costa, Tânia Gaspar

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Mental ill-health is increasingly recognized by policymakers for its significant human and economic toll. The main objective of this study is to capture patient-reported outcomes and experiences on mental health care in Portugal using methods developed for international benchmarking purposes, such as the OECD Patient-reported Indicators Surveys. The study included 397 participants, 247 (62.2%) women, divided into four age groups: ages 16–24 years, ages 25–44 years, ages 45–65 years, and ages 66 years or older. The data collection procedure and analysis followed the OECD PaRIS Mental Health Working Group 2021 protocol allowing subsequent comparability with data from other OECD member countries. Findings on the WHO-5 Well-Being Index showed that women manifest a lower score in well-being following mental health care services use. This finding may be, at least in part, explained by the study population (mental health services users), including individuals with clinical depression which is more frequently observed in women. In terms of the level of satisfaction with treatment (provided by nurses, doctors, phycologists, etc.) the response “Yes, definitely” varied from 67% of answers regarding “time spent by care providers”, 76.3% “involvement in decisions” to 79.7% regarding “clarity of explanations” and 84.4% regarding the item courtesy and respect. This study shows the feasibility of implementing and using patient-reported metrics (PROM and PREM) in mental health services in Portugal. The study results generate useful clinical information to help meet the expectations and needs of patients, contributing to a continuous improvement of mental health community services.

Original languageEnglish
Article number11153
JournalInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2022


  • community health
  • health system
  • mental health
  • patient outcomes
  • patient reported experience measures (PREM)
  • patient-reported outcome measures (PROM)


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