Marqueurs discursifs et reformulation en portugais: une affaire de langue et d’activité langagière

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Due to their heterogeneous nature discourse markers (DM) are difficult to categorize. According to different approaches, morphological and syntactic criteria are insufficient for the identification of its specificity. The objective of this article is to approach the discourse markers conciliating both textual and enunciative perspectives. First, we aim at discussing the nature of these forms. Secondly, our aim is to propose an approach that reflets DM’s complexity, not excluding the pertinence of the textual dimension. Taking into account the differential processes and the variability levels, the textual and the enunciative analyses help to identify the reformulation DM - subject of this article – in a more appropriate way considering not only its function but above all its dependence on the language activity that underlies the texts. Thus, reformulation DM of texts reflecting different kind of activities – humorous and academic – will be analyzed.
Original languageFrench
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2017


  • discourse markers
  • reformulation
  • portuguese language
  • variation
  • language activity

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