Mark Tompkins at the Procrastination Marathon (in other terms)

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«The Procrastination School (2020-2022) is a project I began as a way to approach a very particular moment I recognize in improvised performances where you have no clue what is possible next. I find that we can learn a lot from enduring this moment and trust that vibrant questions may arise from there.

The project has had several versions. Written before Covid, it started as a reading group. Suddenly, Covid came to fit the project rather than the contrary. Everything was on hold and postponed somehow… So, in 2020, during the first Covid confinement in Lisbon, an online Reading Group was dedicated to thinking together about slowing down, procrastinating, sabotaging, laziness, modes of production; and also, of course, about the confinement and the pandemic.

At that time, I also proposed a durational live event with improvisers and artists from the fields of dance and performance at the Teatro Bairro Alto called the Procrastination Marathon to happen in June 2020. When the event had to be postponed for a year (finally happening in July 2021 at the Lisbon Botanical Garden), I proposed instead to record eight interviews with two generations of improvisers talking about their methodologies and ideas about “improvisation,” creating the Procrastination Marathon (in other terms). These interviews focus on the role of delaying a resolution in a creative process, recognizing that the act of delaying can lead to a fertile process of inventing inside the unknown. Watch the recorded interviews online at Procrastination Marathon (in other terms).»

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JournalContact Quarterly - Dance and Improvisation Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 12 Sept 2022


  • Mark Tompkins
  • Procrastination Marathon
  • Dance Improvisation
  • Real Time Composition
  • Contact Quarterly
  • Contemporary dance
  • Artistic Research
  • Practice Based Research in Dance


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