Management of Maputo Bay

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Introduction: Estuaries are complex and diverse systems that present significant management challenges. This complexity arises not only from a multiplicity of resources and resource-use activities that occur within their boundaries, but also because they are affected by processes and activities occurring in the broader catchment and adjacent marine area. It is widely recognised that coastal zones in general have unique characteristics that require special management treatment. Estuarine systems, as particular components of the coastal zone, have equally high management requirements. Some countries recognise the specificity of estuaries and require special management plans to be prepared for these systems. However, Mozambique lacks a legal instrument for the co-ordinated management of estuaries. Nevertheless, it has made some steps towards developing policies, legislation and institutions for the protection and management of coastal zones.
Original languageUnknown
Title of host publicationThe Maputo Bay Ecosystem
EditorsS. Bandeira, J. Paula
Place of PublicationZanzibar, Tanzania
PublisherWestern Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
ISBN (Print)978-9987-9559-3-0
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014

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