How does the festival Musidanças, that promotes Portuguese-speaking migrant musicians in Lisbon, conceiveits surrounding community,and how does itmobilize or question existing structuresand resources? How doesMusidanças manage its identity narratives inconstructing cultural memory? Through an analysis of its programming and manifestos (2001-2012), this presentation intends to articulatea reection on the way in which Musidanças (re)constructs the idea of Lusofonia in promoting interculturaldialogue and social inclusion. Specically, my purpose is to introduce the analysis of how and to what extent Musidanças mobilizes cultural traditions and develops structures for their advancement, thus constituting a place of transnationalidentication and debate. This presentation aims to offer abetter practical understanding of some musicalprotagonists in Lisbon, throughwhich the Portuguese-speaking community is perceived as a genuineform of representation. Keywords : Lusofonia; music; migration;discourse; governance
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014

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