Low Cost Adaptive Housing Model

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The paper refers to the development of research about the housing problem in Sub-Saharan Africa region. The degradation of the urban environment, and consequent low quality of life, results from the lack of infrastructures and precarious housing due the absence of a planning and housing strategy model. This situation results mainly from inadequate housing strategies to territorial contexts, namely its environmental, social, economical and cultural features. The methodology points to the development of a new design process based on the understanding of the housing deficit and current housing strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa region in order to identify the main requirements related to social, economical, environmental and territorial aspects. Therefore, the research issue is: Is it possible to develop parameters that will evaluate a model, based on a global and integrated solution for housing? In future developments, the model will be applied through a case-study methodology and its evaluation and adequacy through two phases that considers the main stakeholders in housing processes: population, local entities, governments and specialists. Also, the research focuses on the creation of guidelines for low-cost housing programmes and initiatives based on requirements and parameters recognised as fundamental for the housing solutions in developing countries.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014

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