Lejos del gabinete: viajes científicos a la América portuguesa y española (1777-1792) y representación de la naturaleza

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This article focuses on two scientific expeditions sent by the Iberian crowns to the Americas between 1770 and 1790: Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira´s nine-year journey to the Amazon region, from 1782 to 1792, and Hipolito Ruiz´s botanical expedition to the Viceroyalty of Peru and Captaincy of Chile, 1777-1788. The aim is, firstly, to analyse how science was put at the service of the Empire’s interests. Those who led these expeditions were armed with new enlightened knowledge and new scientific instruments to perceive American nature and natural resources. On the basis of travellers’ gaze and theirs scientific practices, this article highlights some differences between the two empires and territories they embodied.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)144-177
Number of pages32
JournalMemorias. Revista Digital de Historia y Arqueologia desde el Caribe Colombiano
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Science
  • Botany
  • Empire
  • Captaincies of Grão-Pará
  • Rio Negro
  • Mato Grosso and Cuyabá
  • Viceroyalty of Peru
  • Hipólito Ruiz
  • Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira

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