Learning Recurring Concepts from Data Streams with a Context-aware Ensemble

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The dynamic and unstable nature observed in real world applications influences learning systems through changes in data, context and resource availability. Data stream mining systems must be aware and adapt to such changes so that incoming data can continuously be classified with high accuracy. Ensemble approaches have been shown successful in dealing with concept changes. Despite their success in learning under concept changes, context information has not yet been exploited by ensemble approaches in data stream scenarios where concepts reappear. Under these circumstances, context information appropriately integrated with learned concepts would enable to anticipate recurring changes in concepts. In this work, we present an ensemble based approach for the problem of detecting concept changes in data streams where concepts reappear, that dynamically adds and removes weighted classifiers in response to changes not only in concepts but to context. We identify stable concepts using a change detection method, based on the error-rate of the learning process. Context information is used in the adaptation to recurring concepts and in the management of knowledge from previous learned concepts while adapting to resource constraints. Consequently, proper representation and storage of context and concepts is a major issue dealt within the paper. We present and discuss preliminary experimental results with synthetic and real datasets.
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