Latest developments in sample treatment for 18O-isotopic labeling for proteomics mass spectrometry-based approaches: A critical review

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Nowadays isotopic 18O-labeling of peptides has recalled the attention of researchers due to its simplicity of application and high versatility for proteomics studies. Protein quantification, differential peptide mass mapping, studies regarding proteins overexpressed or underexpressed, or the searching of biomarkers can be accomplished by using 18O-labeling. In this critical review we comment on the different ways in which 18O-labeling can be done, highlighting the key parameters of the different sample treatments to obtain a reliable and reproducible labeling. In addition we describe and compare the latest improvement in terms of sample treatment that allows to reduce the handling and to increase the throughput for this sample treatment. Finally, we hypothesize on the future trends of these methods under the light of the new technological advances to speed protein cleavage.

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Publication statusPublished - 15 Feb 2010


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