Knowledge creation and sharing in software development teams using Agile methodologies: key insights affecting their adoption

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This paper analyses and evaluates the knowledge creation and sharing experiences of teams in the Agile software development domain. Over a series of three empirical phases a method is developed to evaluate the advantages and limitations of Agile practices in knowledge creation and sharing for Agile teams. In the first phase, initial issues and characteristics concerning agile methodologies were collected with a scoping review of the period since the manifesto for Agile software development emerged. The second phase represents a hermeneutic analysis of the result set obtained in the first phase. Using a SWOT analysis, the third phase assesses Agile processes, their relationships with knowledge transfer management and their effects on the productivity of software development teams. This research offers some key insights for decision makers considering the adoption of Agile methodologies in software development activities.
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Title of host publication6ª Conferência Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação
EditorsÁ Rocha, R Gonçalves, MP Cota, LP Reis
Place of PublicationRio Tinto
PublisherAISTI / UTAD
ISBN (Print)978-989-96247-5-7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011

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