Knowledge-based terminological e-dictionaries: The EndoTerm and al-Andalus Pottery projects

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The advent of the Semantic Web and of the Linked Data initiative have contributed to new perspectives and opportunities regarding terminology work. Among them are the double dimension approach and the theoretical perspective of ontoterminology anchored therein, which explore the synergies resulting from the systematic organisation of both term systems and concept systems. By doing so, they provide a theoretical and methodological foundation underlying the creation of knowledge-based terminological products that can support the conception and development of different types of e‑dictionaries. Within that scope, and based on examples pertaining to two different subject fields, namely endometriosis and Islamic archaeology, this article aims to propose a framework for the creation of a terminological e-dictionary, defined as a reference resource in a specific domain that gathers, structures and describes linguistic data in a systematic way in one, two or more languages, in order to define concepts that are denoted by terms.
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  • terminological e-dictionary
  • definition
  • ontoterminology


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