Jogos de Identidade: os engenheiros entre a formação e a acção/ Les enjeux identitaires des ingénieurs: entre la formation et l’action/ The quest for a professional dentity: engineers between trianing and action

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This book offers contributions which portray engineers beyond their conventional image, using national case studies both from Europe and from other parts of the world. It adresses questions which have been scarcely explored and unveils unexpected features of these professionals by placing them at the heart of their political, economic and techno-scientific environment. The reader is in this way invited to reflect on the problematic construction of the engineers' professional identity
Original languageUnknown
Place of PublicationLisboa
PublisherColibri and École des Hautes Études en Sciences
ISBN (Print)978-972-772-879-4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009

Publication series

NameCIDEHUS (Extra-Colecção)
PublisherColibri and École des Hautes Études en Sciences

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