Jet-grouting horizontal slab for reinforcement of the foundations of two cylindrical tanks

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In an industrial plant near Coimbra, Portugal, two metallic tanks (20 m in diameter by 20 m high) were founded in a marl embankment. Even during construction, the embankment showed unacceptable values for differential settlements. Since the tanks design prevented a more traditional solution of vertical reinforcement, the execution of a slab of quasi horizontal jet grouting piles at low depth was proposed to stabilize the foundation. This paper presents the geotechnical characteristics of the embankment and a description of its behaviour prior to reinforcement works. The jet grouting solution’s design and its construction are also discussed. The foreseen embankment’s behaviour with 2D finite element modelling and the monitoring results are also presented.
Original languageUnknown
Title of host publicationGeotechnics for Sustainable Development
EditorsPhung Duc Long
Place of PublicationHanoi
PublisherConstruction Publishing House
ISBN (Print)978-604-82-0013-8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013

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