IZO deposition by RF and DC sputtering on paper and application on flexible electrochromic devices

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The present work describes indium-zinc oxide (IZO) sputtering depositions onto several types of papers, using radio-frequency (RF) and direct current (DC) sputtering with a ceramic IZO target. The electrical and optical properties of the resulting materials were optimized; by studying the argon and oxygen gas flow rates and the sputtering power effects. At optimal deposition conditions, thin films of IZO were achieved with a low sheet resistance (about 20 Omega/sq) and an optical transmittance of ca. 80\% in the visible spectrum range. These materials retained these properties for more than 8 months. Electrochromic devices (ECDs) with several configurations were built with those conductive papers and life cycling and contrast were measured for the ECDs. These devices exhibited a very good color contrast (as defined using L{*}a{*}b{*} color coordinates, = 32) and electrochromic cyclability up to 30,000 redox cycles.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013

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