Itinerários literário-culturais pela paisagem do Alto Douro Vinhateiro

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The Alto Douro Vinhateiro was considered a cultural landscape of universal value by UNESCO in 2001. This place has been an inspiring source for literature and the arts. With this study, taking company some of our most important contemporary intellectuals, we intend to travel through this fictional space, to which were not unrelated many cultured travelers who crossed it, contributing many
of them to elevate this region to world heritage.
This article, based on these different testimonies, aims to provide content for the realization of tourist, literary and cultural itineraries, in order to boost external and internal tourism. In methodological terms, research will adopt the qualitative methodology, namely documentary research (History, Literature, Arts), which can be re-examined with a view to discovering new or complementary meanings and
Taking as a guide the Douro River, we will start this route with a brief presentation of the Region of Alto Douro Vinhateiro and reasons for its application for world heritage. Next, we will make some reflections
on the relationship between landscape, Literature, Arts and Tourism. Summarizing some of the literary promotion initiatives carried out since the year of attribution of this classification, we will present some of the intellectuals of the nineteenth to twenty one centuries, national and foreign, who can motivate
us, through their works, to start in demand of these lands. We will end with some final considerations about the great potential of tourist-cultural exploration of this region. We believe that itineraries, focused on literary-cultural experiences, can be an opportunity for the development of a tourism region.
Original languagePortuguese
Title of host publicationTurismo e História
Subtitle of host publicationPerspectivas sobre o Patrimônio da Humanidade no Espaço Ibero-Americano
EditorsCláudia Henriques, Pedro César, Vânia Herédia, Maria Moreira
Place of PublicationCaxias do Sul
PublisherEDUCS Ensino
Number of pages28
ISBN (Electronic)978-65-5108-012-8
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • Alto Douro Vinhateiro
  • Itineraries
  • Landscape
  • Tourism
  • Literature
  • Arts

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