Interviewer characteristics and nonresponse survey outcomes: a Portuguese case study

Cláudia Cunha, Alice Delerue Matos, Gina Voss, Carolina Gonçalves

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterpeer-review


Unit and item nonresponse are a source of great concern as they are capable of lowering the quality of survey data. Although the literature is unanimous in highlighting interviewers as important elements capable of influencing survey outcomes, there are still several inconsistencies regarding which interviewer characteristics might influence unit and item nonresponse, as well as few studies focusing on the role of intrapersonal skills. To understand if different interviewer characteristics are at work producing unit and item nonresponse rates and to identify those characteristics, this study uses data from the Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), more precisely from the Interviewer Survey and the Wave 6 Questionnaire (Household Income module). More specifically, multiple linear regression analysis was performed to assess the association between nonresponse survey outcomes with sociodemographic characteristics, experience and intrapersonal skills. Results show that better unit response rates are mostly associated with interviewers’ intrapersonal skills, such as persistency and resilience. Furthermore, better income response rates are associated with positive expectations and self-confidence. These findings have implications for recruitment, selection and training decisions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationChallenges and trends in organizational management and industry
EditorsCarolina Machado
Place of PublicationCham
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-030-98048-1
ISBN (Print)978-3-030-98047-4
Publication statusPublished - 14 Apr 2022

Publication series

NameManagement and Industrial Engineering book series (MINEN)
ISSN (Print)2365-0532
ISSN (Electronic)2365-0540


  • Interviews
  • Unit response
  • Income nonresponse
  • Intrapersonal skills
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