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In this presentation, we aim at reflecting on how, on one side, the description of agentiveinstances proposed within ISD (Socio-Discursive Interactionism) and how, on the other side,the conception of the complex system of enunciative coordinates that make up the referentialsystem according to TOPE (Predicative and Enunciative Operations Theory) can complementeach other for the description of empirical objects. It is, therefore, a theoretical reflection alinguistic-textual analysis of a corpus of a specific text genre: deliberative discussion of ideas in the classroom. So as to formulate the hypothesis of a “dialogue” between the conceptions of the subjectaccording to their behaviors within the textual universe and the set of enunciative situationswith different theoretical status, we will attempt to identify the linguistic configurations of this text genre. We base its description on the theoretical assumption that the referential system is of adjustable nature, which is not compatible with a definitive stabilization (Culioli,1982, 17).
Original languagePortuguese
PublisherCentro de Linguística da UNL (CLUNL)
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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