Innovative cell for direct sampling of VOC’s released from skin

Research output: Working paper


The high sensitivity of IMS for compounds from numerous chemical classes, like ketones, aldehydes, alcohols and esters, combined with almost real-time capability of human skin emissions detection were recently appointed as a valuable potential source for medical diagnostic, environmental exposure, genetics and medication monitoring. In this work we present the design and instrumentation of a prototype of cell for direct VOC emission analysis,- VOCSniffer,- controlled by an Emission Control Unit (ECU) coupled to the Ion Mobility Spectrometer with Multi-Capillary Column pre-separation (MCC-IMS). The system is independent from external ambient conditions. Temperature and humidity are controlled in order not to affect the measurements. The capabilities of the system make the method suitable to detect the trace VOCs released by the surfaces of almost any dimension or geometry. Experimental results of VOC mapping of human body obtained by at-site and near real time screening with commercially available MCC-IMS apparatus coupled to VOCSniffer cell are presents. All measurements were performed in the acclimatized room, as well as the previous sensitive thermal analyses of human body were also performed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014


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