Innovation Management: Still a long way to go

Trajano Augustus Tavares Quinhões, Luís Velez Lapão

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This essay aims to discuss the advances and limits of innovation management in recent decades, aligned with the open innovation paradigm, and from the perspective of innovation as a process, addressing some of the main innovations in this field, namely, innovation management systems, innovation management standards, innovation management tools and innovation capability self-audit tools. Innovation is crucial for competitiveness and economic growth, it has been an almost obsessive search, its understanding and knowledge has changed significantly, but is an overused word, which has led to misunderstanding and mistakes. Based on an extensive literature review, the essay presents the fundamental concepts of the field of innovation, its three perspectives, outcome, mindset and process, and goes deeper into the latter. The growing interest and the need to accelerate the innovation capacity of organizational environments, ecosystems, and innovation systems, demands more empirical and applied knowledge about what works in innovation management. Based in the available academic literature, this research provides some strategies, managerial systems and managerial knowledge that can be successfully implemented by organizations seeking to improve their innovation capabilities and suggests themes and lines of research to be deepened.
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere2023-0160
JournalRevista de Administração de Empresas (RAE)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2024


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