Infrastructure developments for agile virtual enterprises

Luís Manuel Camarinha-matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Ricardo José Rabelo

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Agility is an important requirement for successful organizations in periods of market turbulence and largely unpredictable socio-economic changes. Agility in a virtual enterprise depends not only on the skills of its member enterprises but also on the characteristics of its supporting infrastructure. In this paper, various requirements and approaches for agility support during the full VE life cycle are presented and topics requiring further research are identified. Finally, two practical application scenarios are introduced and learned lessons presented.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)235-254
Number of pages20
JournalInt. Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Issue number4-5
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2003


  • Societies and institutions
  • Computer supported cooperative work
  • Life cycle
  • Marketing


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