’In thy arms I lost myself’: Images, Perceptions and Productions in/ of Antiquity

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Antiquity... this word encompasses a World, three continents – Africa, Asia and
Europe – multiple civilizations – Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Hebrew, Phoenician,
Persian, Chinese, Hindu, Cretan, Greek, Roman – and more than 4000 years of
The World, as we know it, was molded in this time – vast – and in these founding
spaces, fecundated by rivers – Nile, Tiger and Euphrates, Indo and Yellow – and
blessed by seas.
One of those seas – the Mediterranean – due to its privileged position on the path of so many people and cultures, soon personified in history the role of the “true sea”, the “sea between the lands” – that both the Hebrews and classic authors.
such as Lucretius, Plinius and Seneca mentioned – whose waters, symbol of a
World in transformation, represent and evoke the dangers and difficulties of the
passage from a known to an unknown World.
In “thy arms” of this known World – of this sea, these rivers and these lands – I
have lost myself, a long time ago… But in the arms of this World to know –
Antiquity – I found myself again, in order to witness a new construction of the
true history of the World. A history stripped of dogmas, distortions and
ignorance. The International Congress - “’In thy arms I lost myself’ – Images, Perceptions and Productions in/ of Antiquity” – aims to open clues, to promote debates and devise resources that can contribute to the creation of a new Canon, based on a true knowledge of Ancient History.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Congress In Thy Arms I Lost Myself
EditorsMaria Helena Trindade Lopes, André Patrício, Marcus Vinicius Carvalho Pinto, Susana Mota
Place of PublicationLisboa; Ponta Delgada
Number of pages1
ISBN (Print)978-989-8492-69-2
Publication statusPublished - 2019
EventInternational Congress ’In thy arms I lost myself’.: Images, Preceptipons and Productions in/of Antiquity - NOVA FCSH, Lisboa, Portugal
Duration: 9 Oct 201911 Oct 2019


ConferenceInternational Congress ’In thy arms I lost myself’.


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