In the shadow of heritage: Portuguese and Islamic encounters

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Based on fieldwork on heritage sites of Islamic origin in Portugal, and on heritage sites of Portuguese origin in Mauritania (Ouadane), I will explore the cultural landscapes, diplomatic rethorics and agent's dialogues involved in the patrimonialization processes of these sites. Through an ethnographic survey of these encounters I intend to engage on the ongoing debate
regarding cross culture heritage and its expressions across borders. While deconstructing the islamophilia that allegedly presides to Portuguese national heritage politics, I will comment on the uses that some Spanish Muslim communities currently make of the Islamic sites that shape this tamed heritage landscape, puzzlingly feeding the Portuguese fulfilled national identity. While revisiting sites of Portugal imperial nostalgia in Mauritania and its current Muslim tenants I will
comment on the local tailoring of heritage in order to incorporate these sites in previously empty
landscapes, where suddenly spontaneous and mobile local museums bourgeoned, in the shadow of overseas monuments.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2018
Event 4ª Conferência International da ACHS "Heritage across borders", org. ACHS - Universidade de Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China
Duration: 1 Sept 20186 Mar 2019


Conference 4ª Conferência International da ACHS "Heritage across borders", org. ACHS
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  • Anthropology
  • Islam
  • Heritage
  • Portugal
  • Luso-tropicalism


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