In situ breakage of Implanon (R) - two cases of a rare occurrence

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Background: In situ breakage of Implanon (R) is a rare occurrence with unknown clinical significance. Authors report two different cases of broken Implanon (R) of women attended at our Family Planning Clinic. Discussion: In situ implants may spontaneously and asymptomatically break, although some uncertainty relies on whether that situation has a real impact on the contraceptive effectiveness or on bleeding patterns. Even more, it can be argued if, as a result of an occurrence of that nature, the implant shall or shall not be removed before the envisaged 3-year period of effectiveness. Conclusion: Currently, the clinical significance of implant breakage remains unknown. The decision to remove a broken or bent implant should be based on clinical judgements considering patients' wishes.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013


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