In Permanent Transit: Discourses and Maps of the Intercultural Experience

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In Permanent Transit: Discourses and Maps of the Intercultural Experience builds interdisciplinary approaches to the study of migrations, traffics, globalisation, communication, regulations, arts, literature, and other intercultural processes, in the context of past and present times. The book offers a convergence of perspectives, combining conceptual and empirical work by sociologists, anthropologists, historians, linguists, educators, lawyers, media specialists, and literary studies writers, in their shared attempt to understand the many routes of the intercultural experience. This Permanent Transit generates an overlapping of cultures, characteristic of a site of cultural translation. In their incessant creation of uncertainties, these pages also produce new hypotheses, theories and explanations, while pushing limits, bringing about epistemological changes, and opening new spaces for independent discussion and research. The potential for change is located at peripheries marked by hybridity, where the 'new arrivals' and the 'excluded' - like this book and many of its contributors - are able to use subversion to undermine the strategies of the powerful, regardless of who they are. Cultural translation - both as Judith Butler's 'return of the excluded' and as Homi Bhabha's hybridity - is a major force of contemporary democracy, also in the academic field.
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Place of PublicationReino Unido
PublisherCambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN (Print)9781443840699
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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