Impacts of natural disasters on environmental and socio-economic systems: What makes the difference?

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This study addresses the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of natural disasters and focuses on the factors that can contribute to reducing damage both in material terms and in terms of loss of human life. A reflective analysis was carried out - based on a qualitative and quantitative approach - integrating environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability as well hydro-meteorological, climatological and geophysical paradigms of disasters (Hazard-Risk-Vulnerability-Resilience). Our objective is to identify key variables in the reduction of vulnerability and the prevention and mitigation of the impacts of natural disasters. The results stress that social capital, related to social and economic structures, exerts a significant influence as a factor which reduces the vulnerability of affected communities.
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Pages (from-to)45-64
JournalAmbiente e Sociedade
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013

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