How sophisticated servicescape can reduce negative feelings when a failure occur?

Mellina Terres, Márcia Herter, Diego Costa Pinto, Jose Afonso Mazzon

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When providers fail to meet consumers’ expectations, service failures occur Zeithaml et al. 2011), with adverse effects on consumer behavior, emotions, intentions to switch providers, and intentions to repurchase services (Bonifield and Cole 2007; Hocutt et al. 1997; Liao et al.2015; McColl-Kennedy and Sparks 2003; Patterson et al. 2006; Smith et al. 1999; Zeelenberg and Pieters 2004).
Servicescapes (i.e. service environments) are a combination of ambient conditions (e.g.temperature, music, odor), space (e.g. equipment, furnishing), and signs, symbols and artifacts (e.g. personal artifacts, style of décor) in service environments designed to create physical surroundings (Bitner 1992). Pleasant servicescapes build sensory impressions that improve service experiences (Berry et al. 2002; Bitner 1992; Chang 2016; Dean 2014; DiPietro and Campbell 2014; Durna et al. 2015; Kotler 1973; Walsh et al. 2011). More than a component of
the service production, servicescapes are part of the service itself (Bitner 1992) and serve as clues for consumers to use in building their pre-purchase (Shostack, 1977) and post-purchase quality evaluations (Bitner 1990; Hooper et al. 2013; Kearney et al. 2013; Westbrook and Oliver 1991).
Based on this literature, this research explores the effects of service environment in determining how consumers react to service failures. That is, a positive service environment can generate positive assessments by evoking impressions of service quality (Zeithaml et al. 2011).
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSERVSIG Conference Proceedings, 2018
Subtitle of host publicationOpportunities for Services in a Challenging World
Number of pages9
ISBN (Electronic)978-2-9516606-3-2
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2018
Event10th SERVSIG, 2018: Opportunities for Services in a Challenging World - IÉSEG School of Management, Paris, France
Duration: 14 Jun 201816 Jun 2018


Conference10th SERVSIG, 2018


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