HIV testing among immigrant men who have sex with men in Brazil

Aiala Xavier Felipe da Cruz, João Cruz Neto, Agostinho Antônio Cruz Araújo, Anderson Reis de Sousa, Layze Braz de Oliveira, Inara Viviane de Oliveira Sena, Luciana Sena Sousa, Jaqueline dos Santos, Odinea Maria Amorim Batista, Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes, Inês Fronteira, Álvaro Francisco Lopes de Sousa

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Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of non-testing for HIV among immigrant men who have sex with men (MSM) residing in Brazil and identify associated factors. Design: An analytical web-survey study was conducted across all Brazilian states from January 2020 to May 2021. Sample: The study included 804 MSM immigrants from Portuguese-speaking countries. Measurements: Odds ratio (OR) and adjusted Odds Ratio (AOR) were utilized to determine the strength of the association between non-HIV testing and associated factors. Results: Among the participants, 63.7% had never undergone HIV testing. Multivariate analysis revealed several factors associated with a higher likelihood of not being tested for HIV: having a steady/monogamus partner (AOR: 1.5; 95%CI: 1.1-2.3) or both casual and steady partners (AOR: 1.8; 95%CI: 1.2-3.4), not engaging in bareback sex (AOR: 1.91; 95%CI: 3-3.5), being an immigrant in the country for less than 12 months (AOR: 3.7; 95%CI: 2.5-9.7), and having a preference for insertive (AOR: 1.5; 95%CI: 1.1-2.5) or receptive (AOR: 2.9; 95%CI: 1.4-5.7) roles. However, practicing chemsex was found to be a protective factor for testing (AOR: 4). Conclusion: To enhance HIV prevention strategies, it is crucial to implement specific measures that ensure accessibility, confidentiality, and a reduction in stigma associated with HIV testing.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)826-835
JournalPublic Health Nursing
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • aids
  • chemsex
  • HIV
  • immigrants
  • men who have sex with men
  • sexual behavior


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