Hierarchical Topology Optimization Applied to Layered Composite Structures

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Hierarchical topology optimization addresses the problem of finding optimal material distributions at different but interconnected structural length scales with the objective of optimally design the structure and its material. Here we present a hierarchical structural optimization model that takes into account the manufacturing process and characteristics of composite laminates. In hierarchical topology optimization the structure design domain is usually discretized using a conforming finite element mesh. The macroscopic density based design variables may be associated with each finite element of the model. This design parameterization enables optimal designs with very high mechanical efficiency but very difficult to manufacture due to its geometrical complexity. Alternatively the number of design variables may be reduced by assuming a design parameterization where the design is assumed uniform within larger subdomains of the structure ("design element") that maybe associated with the different structural constituents (e.g. a lamina within a laminate). This is a very effective approach for practical design problems like laminated composite structures since they are typically made of laminas constructed from fibers within a medium of uniform macro mechanical properties. The focus of the present work is on the compliance minimization for this type of composite structures. It assumes a mixed set of micro and macro independent design variables, to characterize the distribution of two materials to obtain the optimal composite microstructures at the micro design level as well as the optimal fiber orientation at the macro level.
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