Heterogeneization of alpha diimines nickel catalysts for the polymerization of ethylene and methylmethacrylate

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In this paper we present two different techniques for the preparation of single site heterogeneous catalyst. The first method consists in the impregnation of a solution of the organometallic compound in MCM41. The second method intends to establish the in situ synthesis of the complex within the solid's pores by the reaction of the organic ligand with the metal cation previously introduced in the support. The direct deposition of the organometallic complex in the support resulted in an active catalyst which gives polyethylene with the same microstructure as the one obtained with the related homogeneous systems. The heterogeneous catalysts obtained by reaction of the ligand with the metal already present in the support showed a lower catalytic activity.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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