Green Build Design Process

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All buildings impact the environment and human health therefore an attentive evaluation of its sustainable performance in the design phase. The difficulty in identifying the best design process, one that resolves all conflicting factors, particularly economic and environmental performance, is the reason for this research. The quality of built housing is intimately connected with the quality of its Project. The project phase is the determining phase in any kind of construction. In the design phase decisions are made, objectives are drawn (future fate and performance of the building) and solutions to reach those objectives are adopted, reconciling the needs of future occupants with the objectives of the developer and the legal, urban and environmental restrictions imposed. Today, beyond the factors already mentioned, the need to ensure the balance between human necessities (both comfort levels and economic security) and the environment shows the need to promote a design process that considers, not only the construction, utilization, maintenance and decommission costs, but also the environmental impacts during the entire lifecycle of the building, in a way that does not diminish the comfort its inhabitants yearn. However, this will make the design phase more complex, given the need to reconcile the various factors and reach equilibrium between all the various dimensions. As so, it is indispensable, to reach maximum project quality, that this phase is done through the work of a multidisciplinary team and with the assistance of various decision-helping tools. Only in this way it is possible to guarantee that all factors that influence the quality and sustainability of a project are taken into consideration. Thus in order to achieve a sustainable building process it must be an integrated one, this is the main difference between a sustainable building and a conventional one.
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