foRMAtion curriculum: foRMAtion international curriculum for future Research Managers and Administrators

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The Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) is the international curriculum developed within the framework of the foRMAtion project, designed to be tested and accredited by each partner university and targeted to provide an overview of the main RMA tasks and roles for university students.

The curriculum is named Research Manager as a profession in the EU ecosystem: concepts, tools and practice and consists of 24 lessons that will be taught over 2 semesters. The lessons are organized into 4 Modules:
Module 1: Research Methodology and Design
Module 2: Research Funding, Policy and Governance
Module 3: Project Integration and Management
Module 4: Research Impact and Public Engagement.
Based on the partner universities' rules and national accreditation procedures, the curriculum will be accredited with 3 ECTS per semester. It will be available for all students as an elective course, focusing on bachelor students but open to all (when allowed by the rules of the university hosting the course). Through the curriculum, the students will engage with the EU Research and Innovation Ecosystem where they will gather an overview of RMA work at large, including the broad aspects and technical areas, but also by actively participating in real-case activities and developing transferable competencies. The international curriculum was developed in articulation with IO3 (teaching materials) to integrate the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach, combining knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the context of RMA's main tasks and roles.

This document includes the definition of learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and autonomy, plus the detailed content of all 24 curricula units (lessons).
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Publication statusPublished - 24 Nov 2022


  • Research management and administration (RMA)


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