First variation formula and conservation laws in several independent discrete variables

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This paper sets the scene for discrete variational problems on an abstract cellular complex that serves as discrete model of p and for the discrete theory of partial differential operators that are common in the Calculus of Variations. A central result is the construction of a unique decomposition of certain partial difference operators into two components, one that is a vector bundle morphism and other one that leads to boundary terms. Application of this result to the differential of the discrete Lagrangian leads to unique discrete Euler and momentum forms not depending either on the choice of reference on the base lattice or on the choice of coordinates on the configuration manifold, and satisfying the corresponding discrete first variation formula. This formula leads to discrete Euler equations for critical points and to exact discrete conservation laws for infinitesimal symmetries of the Lagrangian density, with a clear physical interpretation.
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Pages (from-to)61-86
JournalJournal Of Geometry And Physics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012

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