Factors to consider for the implementation of a municipal scheme for the separate collection of textile waste

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The textile industry is one of the largest worldwide and also one responsible for important environmental impacts. In this context, it is mandatory for European Member States to implement municipal schemes for the separate collection of textile waste by January 2025. The municipality of Cascais, in Portugal, was selected as a case study to determine the factors to consider when implementing it. A field survey was carried out to validate the existing collection points (CP) for used clothing, showing that 0.98 CP are available per km2, with 1 CP per 2,254 residents. In addition, interviews with stakeholders demonstrated that: cooperation between entities is missing, although charities have been working in the field for several years with good results; there is the absence of data about the amount of used clothing collected; and less than 50% of used clothing collected is suitable for reuse. Furthermore, a questionnaire was submitted to the residents, separating the sample into frequent users and non-users or infrequent users of CP. The results show that residents, predominantly, suggest that more equipment must be made available. Also, awareness campaigns ought to focus on clarifying uncertainties about the waste collection services, in general, and for the separate collection of textile waste, particularly, because doubts persist. Neither group is entirely sure about the destination of the used clothes donated and, in this case, it is important to reinforce information leading to confidence in its use, to avoid, for instance, households storing unused clothes, hindering their reuse.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100203
Number of pages10
JournalSustainable Futures
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2024


  • Urban textile waste
  • Separate collection
  • Clothing consumption behaviour
  • Disposal behaviour for used clothes
  • Collection point density
  • Charities


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