Factores de risco para doenças músculo-esqueléticas não específicas no sector das limpezas em serviços

Research output: Working paper


The aim of this paper is to characterize complaints in the upper limbs, shoulders, neck and back- lumbar region directly related to musculo-skeletal disorders in a sampling of 114 cleaners from seven cleaning (janitor) companies, operating at eight client organizations. Complaints had been diagnosed as stiffness, any pain, numbness, paraesthesiae, tingling, cold feeling and blanching of at least one finger tip, according to a temporal criteria of symptoms were present now or have been present on at least 4 days during the last 7 days, or symptoms have been present on at least 4 days during at least one week in the last 12 months. It was analyzed the severity of the complaints (interference with current activities) and the simultaneous occurrence of multiple symptoms. The causes of medical consultation in the last year were analyzed (osteo-articular pathology of the vertebral spine, of the upper and lower limbs, depressive syndromes and other complaints of the lower limbs among others). In the end, the relation between persistent complaints and musculo-skeletal pathology related to work activities was analyzed, considering particularly the age of the workers and the existence of osteo-articular pathology.
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PagesWPS 5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2009

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