Exploring contextual factors in citizen-initiated platforms to non-functional requirements elicitation

Ademir Macedo Nascimento, Denis Silva da Silveira, Jairo Simião Dornelas, João Araújo

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Purpose: This paper aims to systematize the contextual factors that influence the intention to use citizens and governments-initiated platforms, presenting them as non-functional requirements (NFRs), to facilitate their understanding to implementers. Design/methodology/approach: A systematic mapping of the literature was done to identify the contextual factors from citizens and governments (C2G) adoption, followed by a survey applied to 938 potential users of this type of technology. The results were analyzed through logistic regression to understand the impact of the contextual factors on the intention to use C2G platforms and then those contextual factors were formalized as NFRs represented by a Softgoal Interdependence Graph. Findings: Among the results, the most prominent factors were the influence of the “users perceived contribution” and the “citizens concern about the city conditions”. Finally, some strategies are suggested to help public managers and developers to optimize the factors that have shown to be significant. Practical implications: This study can support e-gov policies in the implementation of C2G platforms because several municipalities need assistance in taking actions to foster greater citizens’ engagement. An example of this type of contribution is the indication of the factors of greatest impact in the adoption of use and the indication of paths to be followed if the manager and developers decide to focus on each of them. Originality/value: The identification of several contextual factors which influence C2G platforms adoption and their systematization with the purpose of jointly visualizing and evaluating them.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)777-789
Number of pages13
JournalTransforming Government: People, Process and Policy
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 23 May 2020


  • Citizen participation
  • Citizen to government
  • E-participation
  • Soft goal interdependence graph
  • Technology adoption


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