Experimental results with TOFPET2 ASIC for time-of-flight applications

Ricardo Bugalho, Agostino Di Francesco, Luis Ferramacho, Carlos Leong, Tahereh Niknejad, Luis Oliveira, Luca Pacher, Manuel Rolo, Angelo Rivetti, Miguel Silveira, Jose C. Silva, Rui Silva, Stefaan Tavernier, Joao Varela

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We present the experimental results obtained with TOFPET2, a readout and digitization ASIC for radiation detectors using Silicon Photomultipliers. The circuit is designed in CMOS 110 nm technology, has 64 independent channels and is optimized for time-of-flight measurement in PET or other applications. The chip has quad-buffered TDCs and charge integration ADCs in each channel. The chip tape-out was done in September 2016 and first tests started in beginning March 2017. Coincidence Time Resolution (CTR) of 164ps FWHM has been measured with 22Na point source. The energy resolution achieved for the 511keV peak is 10.5% FWHM.


  • Applications
  • ASIC
  • Electronics
  • Front-end
  • PET


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