Experimental and numerical evaluations of the bond behaviour between ribbed steel rebars and concrete

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The study of interfacial behaviour between ribbed steel rebars and concrete is a subject that has been widely studied. However, the definition of the bond stress distribution throughout the embedded length of the steel rebar is still controversial due to the difficulty of experimentally obtaining such distribution for a fixed load magnitude. It is also undeniable its relevancy for the better understanding and model reinforced concrete (RC) structures. So, the definition of the local behaviour between the ribbed steel rebar and concrete is critical to correctly simulate the adherence between both materials. In this matter, the local bond-slip models recommended in codes seem to satisfy some researchers while others suggest prudence in using them. Therefore, only choosing the correct bond-slip relationship may lead to exact interpretations and conclusions of the structural behaviour of a concrete structure but with the existing different bond-slip types, researchers can be misled inadvertently. This work aims to clarify some of these aspects by numerically simulating several pull-out tests under different conditions and checking their influence (or not) on real-scale specimens. After the validation of the numerical model through a proposed new bond-slip relationship, other parameters were studied also. Although the type of the bond-slip relationship influences the detachment of the steel rebar from the concrete, the yielding of the former material was found to be the main parameter that masks the differences in the behaviour of real-scale RC structures when different types of bond-slip relationships were considered in the numerical simulations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number159
Number of pages33
JournalArchives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2023


  • Bond-slip
  • Concrete
  • Numerical simulation
  • Pull-out test
  • Ribbed steel rebar


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