Experiência e Expetativa: O futuro como objeto de estudo em antropologia

Translated title of the contribution: Experience and Expectation: The future as an object of study in anthropology

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In its genesis, anthropology adopted tradition, customs and cultural heritage as exclusive objects of study. Looking for regularities (Malinowski) or irregularities (Boas), the founding fathers excluded from anthropological research the analysis of the future repercussions of present practices, neglecting the fact that many human practices build futures and are informed by imaginations of the future, as he recalls. Arjun Appadurai.
The assumption of the need to study the future in the present, from which the present proposal starts, is supported by Reinhart Koselleck's philosophy of historical time, according to which, as there is no expectation without experience, there is also no experience without expectation. In other words, memory and anticipation are both involved in realizing the present.
The purpose of this communication is to reflect on a particular way of realizing the future in the present: the digitization of socio-technical systems linked to the provision of health care. It starts with the identification of sociotechnical imaginaries, fed by the pursuit of the ideal of digital health, and the conditions in which they are concretized in the present to promote the debate on the possibility of theorizing an anticipatory anthropology that integrates the future in the present as a way to apprehend social reality.
Translated title of the contributionExperience and Expectation: The future as an object of study in anthropology
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Publication statusPublished - 2022
EventCreando legados: 8º Congreso Internacional de Antropologia AIBR - Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
Duration: 12 Jul 202215 Jul 2022
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ConferenceCreando legados
Abbreviated titleAIBR2022
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