Expansão do processo de digitalização durante a pandemia de covid-19

Translated title of the contribution: Digitalization process expansion during the covid-19 pandemic

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We present and analyse the statistical data about the expansion of the digitalization process within daily life in a global and Portuguese perspective between the months of March and May 2020 in relation to the previous trimester (December 2019 and January and February 2020). This selection of time corresponds to the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic (by the SARS-COV-2) in which more than 4.5 billion people were forced to stay home, as a restriction to avoid the increase of contamination by the new coronavirus. As an alternative to keep social relationships, digital media use has increased remarkably in the daily life of individuals and in social institutions. Our main goal is to register and to analyse quantitative data on digital penetration in daily life. To collect data for this period, we took as a main reference the platform SimilarWeb. To analyse the data, we use, as a main support, Mediatization studies, which focus on understanding the cultural and social changes promoted by and inside the media context. In terms of results, it is possible to highlight the increase of digital use around the globe and in Portugal, especially, digital media network websites.
Translated title of the contributionDigitalization process expansion during the covid-19 pandemic
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)53-60
Number of pages8
JournalFinisterra: Revista Portuguesa de Geografia
Issue number115
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • COVID-19 pandemic
  • Daily life
  • Digitalization
  • Lockdown
  • Mediatization


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