Evolvable Production Systems - Approach towards Economical and Ecological Production Systems

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Sustainability, given as a goal for future industry, is not only an issue forproductionengineering. Economyandecology are an actual concern of governmentsandindividuals worldwide. An effort must be carried on in order to reduce energyandresource consumption, deal with the possibility of climate changesand, at the same time, keep competitive in a world ruled by economic demands. In accordance with these demands, theevolvableproductionsystems(EPS) has aimed at developing such technological solutionsandsupport mechanisms. The essence ofevolvableproductionsystemsresides in building asystemwith several independent process-oriented modules that possess the ability to dynamically adapt to the changing conditions of operation. Evolvability aims to attain highly adaptable controlandmechanicalsystemsenhancing re-usabilityandinteroperability of modules, extending their life cycleandenabling short deployment times at shop floor level. Customisationandthe shorter life time of products demand a continuous adaptation of the manufacturingsystemsandconsequently enterprises must changesystemsdevelopment from reaction to short-term events to long term strategic development. Enterprises can follow this strategy by re-thinking their organisational levelsandstructure, aligningsystemsdevelopment re-engineering process (adopting EPSapproach) with Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in order to enhance manufacturing agility from management to shop floor level. This paper will presentevolvableproductionsystemsadvantages in order to achieve such resultstowardsmoreecologicalandeconomically suitableproductionsystems.
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