Estudos Luso-Hispanos de História do Direito II

Translated title of the contribution: Estudios Luso-Hispanos de Historia del Derecho II

Cristina Nogueira da Silva (Editor/Coordinator), Margarida Seixas (Editor/Coordinator), Cristina Nogueira da Silva, Margarida Seixas, Daniel Álvarez-Gómez, Pietro Costa, Bouzada Gil, Ana Caldeira Fouto, Víctor Gautier Fernández, Ignacio Ezquerra Revilla, Francisco Miguel Martín Blázquez, Sandro Alex Souza Simões, Isabel Graes, Jorge Veiga Testos, Anabela Paula Brízido, Jose Luis Bibang Ondo Eyang, Marcos Dias Coelho, Francisco Javier Díaz Majano, Jesús Jimeno-Borrero , Maíra TitoJorge Matta, Filipe Arede Nunes, João Andrade Nunes, Marina Rojo Gallego-Burín, María Julia Solla Sastre, Fernanda do Nascimento Thomaz

Research output: Book/ReportBookpeer-review

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This book brings together a set of studies that were presented and discussed at the III Spanish-Portuguese Meeting of Law Historians. They deal with central themes of the History of Law and Institutions in Modern and Contemporary eras, with special emphasis on the peninsular territories and also on the territories that made up, at different times, the Spanish and Portuguese empires. As a whole, they contribute to broaden and deepen the historical knowledge of aspects related to justice and the administration of the territories, the functioning of institutions (courts, universities, courts) and the discussion of legal concepts central to the knowledge of the legal-political doctrine produced at different times of a vast chronological period.
Translated title of the contributionEstudios Luso-Hispanos de Historia del Derecho II
Original languagePortuguese
PublisherEditorial Dykinson/Universidad Carlos III
ISBN (Electronic)978-84-1377-379-7
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Administración
  • Justicia
  • Escolástica peninsular
  • Pluralismo legal
  • Colonialismo
  • Constitucionalismo
  • Codificación
  • Administração
  • Justiça
  • Pluralismo jurídico
  • Codificação


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