Essays on Values and Practical Rationality: Ethical and Aesthetical Dimensions

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The essays presented here are the outcome of research carried out by members
of IFILNOVA (Institute for Philosophy of New University of Lisbon) in 2016.
The IFILNOVA Permanent Seminar seeks to show how values are relevant to
humans (both socially and individually). This seminar is the ‘place’ where
different research will converge towards a unified viewpoint. This includes the
discussion of the following questions: What is the philosophical contribution
to current affairs and decisions that depend crucially on values? Can philosophy
make a difference, namely by bringing practical reason to bear on these affairs
and decision? And how to do it? Which are our scientific ‘allies’ in this
enterprise; psychology, communication sciences, even sociology and history?
This volume shows the connection between practical rationality and values
and covers the dimensions ethics, aesthetics and politics.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBern
PublisherPeter Lang
Number of pages392
ISBN (Electronic)9783034331524, 9783034331531, 9783034331548, 9783034330589
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2018

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NameLisbon Philosophical Studies - Uses of Languages in Interdisciplinary Fields


  • Ethics
  • Political philosophy
  • Theory of argumentation
  • Philosophy of communication


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