Energy Production System Management – Renewable energy power supply integration with Building Automation System

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Intelligent buildings, historically and technologically, refers to the integration of four distinctive systems: Building Automation Systems (BAS), Telecommunication Systems, Office Automation Systems and Computer Building Management Systems. The increasing sophisticated BAS has become the “heart and soul” of modern intelligent buildings. Integrating energy supply and demand elements – often known as Demand-Side Management (DSM) – has became an important energy efficiency policy concept. Nowadays, European countries have diversified their power supplies, reducing the dependence on OPEC, and developing a broader mix of energy sources maximizing the use of renewable energy domestic sources. In this way it makes sense to include a fifth system into the intelligent building group: Energy Production System Management (EPSM). This paper presents a Building Automation System where the Demand-Side Management is fully integrated with the building’s Energy Production System, which incorporates a complete set of renewable energy production and storage systems.
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JournalEnergy Conversion And Management
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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