Elliptical-Shaped Fresnel Lens Design through Gaussian Source Distribution

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A novel three-dimensional elliptical-shaped Fresnel lens (ESFL) analytical model is presented to evaluate and maximize the solar energy concentration of Fresnel-lens-based solar concentrators. AutoCAD, Zemax and Ansys software were used for the ESFL design, performance evaluation and temperature calculation, respectively. Contrary to the previous modeling processes, based on the edge-ray principle with an acceptance half-angle of ±0.27 as the key defining parameter, the present model uses, instead, a Gaussian distribution to define the solar source in Zemax. The results were validated through the numerical analysis of published experimental data from a flat Fresnel lens. An in-depth study of the influence of several ESFL factors, such as focal length, arch height and aspect ratio, on its output performance is carried out. Moreover, the evaluation of the ESFL output performance as a function of the number/size of the grooves is also analyzed. Compared to the typical 1–16 grooves per millimeter reported in the previous literature, this mathematical parametric modeling allowed a substantial reduction in grooves/mm to 0.3–0.4, which may enable an easy mass production of ESFL. The concentrated solar distribution of the optimal ESFL configuration was then compared to that of the best flat Fresnel lens configuration, under the same focusing conditions. Due to the elliptical shape of the lens, the chromatic aberration effect was largely reduced, resulting in higher concentrated solar flux and temperature. Over 2360 K and 1360 K maximum temperatures were found for ESFL and flat Fresnel lenses, respectively, demonstrating the great potential of the three-dimensional curved-shaped Fresnel lens on renewable solar energy applications that require high concentrations of solar fluxes and temperatures.

Original languageEnglish
Article number668
Number of pages21
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 17 Jan 2022


  • Fresnel lens
  • Full width at half maximum
  • Gaussian source
  • Groove number
  • Optical efficiency
  • Solar flux


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