ELEXIS Report - ELEXIS Transnational Research Visit Grant

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I decided to apply to this research visit grant in order to observe and learn from lexicographers in loco. Although my research interests are over texts used in specialised-communication context, the major goal of this research visit was to consolidateand share lexicographic and terminological methodologies. Moreover, the opportunity of observing what the ‘real-life’ of alexicographer is, and what constraints might come across in a given lexicographic project in the current society of digital information, would assuredly be beneficial to my ongoing project. The Dutch Language Institute (INT) seemed to be the closest working environment to what my project is, thus the reason for choosing this hosting institution. The visit proved to be above my expectations. From historical dictionaries to terminological resources, the in-house projects revealed to be a true inspiration to any lexicographer, corpus / computational linguists, and terminologists, among others. For such a uniqueopportunity, I am most thankful to the ELEXIS project.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2019
EventELEXIS Transnational Research Visit Grant - Dutch Language Institute, Lieden, Netherlands
Duration: 4 Mar 20198 Mar 2019


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