Electrophoretically mediated microanalysis for the evaluation of interspecies variation in cholinesterase metabolism

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This study describes an electrophoretically mediated microanalysis method, suitable for the preclinical evaluation of the hydrolysis of ester drugs by the serum of different animals and for further characterization of human-animal correlation. Dog, cat, cow, horse, sheep, rat and human serum were diluted (25%) in the appropriate buffer and replaced the enzyme solution usually used in electrophoretically mediated microanalysis methods for the study of enzyme kinetics. They were then compared in terms of the ability to hydrolyze acetylthiocholine and butyrylthiocholine (0.25 mM) by in-capillary reaction. Human serum afforded the highest conversion rates (52% butyryltiocholine and 34% acetylthiocholine) followed by horse (31 and 35%), dog (26 and 24%), cat (22 and 14%), rat (11 and 15%) and sheep (8 and 8%). Hydrolysis by bovine serum was negligible. The method is fast (under 8 min including rinsing steps), sensitive (under 25 mu M substrate could be quantified) and repeatable (RSD approximate to 2%), only requiring minute amounts of sample.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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