Do migrants send remittances as a way of self-insurance?

Cátia Batista, Janis Umblijs

Research output: Working paper


How do risk preferences affect migrant remittance behaviour? Examination of this relationship has only begun to be explored. Using a tailored representative survey of 1500 immigrants in the Greater Dublin Area, Ireland, we find a positive and significant relationship between risk aversion and migrant remittances. Risk-averse individuals are more likely to send remittances home and are, on average, likely to remit a higher amount, after controlling for a broad range of individual and group characteristics. The evidence we obtain is consistent with a “purchase of self-insurance” motive to remit in that we also find support for more remittances being sent by risk-averse immigrants who face higher wage risks and to individuals with more financial resources.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages37
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2014

Publication series

NameNova Africa Working Paper Series
ISSN (Print)2183-0843


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